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8 Air Experience Flight

'To promote and encourage among young people a practical interest in Aviation and the Royal Air Force'.

No. 8 Air Experience Flight (8 AEF) is one of twelve Air Experience Flights run by the Air Cadet Organisation of the Royal Air Force. It was formed in 1958 with the aim of teaching basic flying skills to members of the Air Training Corps, Combined Cadet Force (RAF Section), the Girls Venture Corps Air Cadets and the Air Scouts. It is based at RAF (DCAE) Cosford and is parented by the University of Birmingham Air Squadron (UBAS).

To find out more about becoming a Cadet visit the Royal Air Force Air Cadets Home Page.

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Flying with 8 AEF

Air Experience Flight (AEF) pilots are current or former RAF pilots, and (occasionally) highly experienced commercial pilots who volunteer to pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm for flying to cadets.  Many AEF pilots are former cadets themselves.  Cadets flying with the AEF will be joining a long list of cadets going back over 50 years – including royalty - who have benefitted from this fantastic experience and many former cadets have gone on to have successful careers in aviation.

The AEF flies the Grob Tutor: the same aircraft that the RAF uses to train its new pilots.  The Tutor has a modern composite airframe with side by side seating and great visibility from its large canopy; cadets soon feel right at home.  On their first flight they are shown how the aircraft flies and given the chance to take control.   All cadets enjoy the experience and look forward to their next flights so they can learn more.  On later flights Cadets can, if they wish, experience aerobatics or be taught many of the different skills required to operate an aircraft.  As they progress they can earn 'flying badges' as they develop additional flying skills.  Eventually they will have the opportunity to apply for a 'Flying Scholarship' or a 'Navigation Scholarship' flown with a RAF Qualified Flying Instructor (QFI) and to earn their 'Cadet Pilot' or 'Cadet Navigation Wings'.

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